Release 1.9


Analytics module gets major overhaul

Having detailed analytics is crucial for having a full overview of what is automated and where there are improvement points. In this release, we made them more granular and way faster so you can track performance over time.

  • – Key metrics added

  • – Selection of a predefined timespan is made possible

  • – Details of status(es) are shown per doctype(s)

  • – Graphs are made more precise with indication of amount

  • – Last snapshot is added

Enrichments: a powerful pipeline step for integrating custom logic

Enrichments are a powerful new step in the pipeline that can be used for integrating any type of custom logic, custom code, external data lookups or even custom Machine Learning models.

  • – New step β€˜enrichments’ is added to the pipeline, with full configuration through the project settings.

  • – Human validation module support for enrichments is added and updated live with updates

  • – Enrichments that are part of a composite entity are supported.

  • – Example enrichments are added to our public GitHub repos.

Other new functionalities

Automatic deletion of production data is made available

Automatic deletion of production data with configurable retention period ensures you can comply with GDPR and privacy regulation by not keeping data longer than is strictly needed.

Out-of-the-box support for e-mails

By supporting Outlook and IMAP integration out of the box, getting started with Metamaze for mailroom automation or incoming documents is easier than ever. So no more manual monitoring or custom RPA bot is needed to automatically process everything from!

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