Create a new project

On the overview page, which you land upon after signing in or by clicking the Metamaze icon in the top left corner, you see an overview of the projects you have access to. At the top of the list of projects you can create a new project using the button '+ Project'.


In the pop-up window that opens, you give the project a name and you can add an optional description. Choose one or more languages in which the documents you want to process may appear. Note that documents in non-defined languages will still be processed by Metamaze, the languages defined here are used to populate filters that allow you to find uploads and documents based on their language. Finally, assign an organisation (see Organisation). Click on 'Next' to complete this step.


In the next window, you can configure the way documents should be created.

You can choose to create a document for each file in an upload, for each page in an upload, or to merge all files in an upload into one single document.

In case one uploaded file can contain more than one document or if the pages of one single document can be spread over different files, you can choose to train a page management model that merges pages together to form documents or splits files into documents. You can also configure Metamaze to always manually create documents for these types of uploads, by checking the option "Always go to validation for splitting and merging". See Frequently asked questions for more information on how to correctly make use of page management.


Add all users you wish to give access to the project. More information about users and creating new users can be found in the section Users.

After assigning users, verify all settings in the final window and click "Create". Note that all project settings can be modified later in the Project settings.

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