๐ŸงนData retention

By enabling the toggle, production uploads older than the configured time will be automatically deleted from the production pipeline, including all documents, pages, annotations, validations, predictions, ...

Since 27 October 2023 the following data is now included in the scope of "data retention" and will now be automatically removed if it is older than the configured data retention period: 1. Event logs. The user actions in the event logs will be automatically removed after the configured data retention period to comply with privacy regulations. 2. Training documents with status 'Input required'. We have noticed many projects contain outdated documents that were sent automatically from production to training long ago. As a best practice, it's better to add recent training data compared to old, and by reducing the number of Input Required documents, the QA tasks for improving models become more manageable.

Furthermore, for new projects only, the default data retention period will be 6 months instead of 2 years.

Extra options

These extra options allow you to finetune how the data retention policy is applied.

Exclude production documents with status: input required

You can configure to exclude documents with the status "Input required". This means that documents that require a human to intervene will ignore the retention settings!

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