Document overview

You can navigate to the documents overview by clicking Menu > Training > Documents, or by clicking the Uploads/Documents toggle in the uploads overview.

You will get an overview of all the documents that are currently present in the training data.

This table simply gives you the list of documents and provides filter and search fields for searching for one or more documents.

Document details

When you click on a document row, you can view extra details such as when it was uploaded, which steps of the pipeline were performed and what the current status is of the selected document.


You can quickly find specific documents by making use of the filtering functionality.

Viewing documents

When you click on a document row, you will see a button "View document" in the panel that opens. You will be directed to the Document view. This view is accessible not only through the "View document" button, but is also used in tasks (see Tasks ) and in human validation (see Validation). There are some minor differences between the views in these three contexts. Below we describe the functions of all elements you can see in the document view.

The view has 3 sections going from the left to the right:

  • An overview of document information and task details (only in tasks module)

  • An overview with the different entities and annotation information of the document

  • The document with annotations

Depending on the context, different blocks will be shown or hidden.





See Documents, Validation or Tasks for more information on these views.

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