Viewing & uploading your document manually in Metamaze


When navigation to the training uploads, you arrive upon an overview of all your uploads with training data. Each line in this overview shows an upload with its properties. An upload can consist of several documents.
The overview consists of several columns:
  • Processing Document(s) in the upload are being processed by Metamaze AI
  • Input required Document(s) in the upload have been processed but some or all documents require human input to be finalised
  • Processed Document(s) in the upload have been fully processed
  • Failed Processing failed for document(s) in the upload
Number of documents
Shows the number of document in the upload with a breakdown by status
Upload ID
The unique ID associated with the upload
Uploaded on
The date the files were uploaded
Uploaded by
User who made the upload, in case the upload was done through the UI


Filtering uploads based on criteria is handy to find your upload(s) quickly. Note: When extra fields for your organisation have been defined, they will also be shown in the filter options.

Bulk actions

Selecting uploads allows you to perform an action on multiple uploads:
  • Retry upload(s) This will re-send an upload through your AI pipeline, performing a new OCR, re-creating documents and making predictions when possible
  • Delete Deletes the selected upload(s) from the training data set

Upload details

When you click an upload, you can view extra details such as when it was uploaded, which steps of the pipeline it went through and what the current status is of the upload and the documents in the upload.

Uploading files to training

Users with the right permission (check out: Roles & permissions) can manually upload files by using the Upload button.
A new window will appear where you can select the relevant files. You can either drag and drop the files into the window or search for the files via the explorer screen using the 'Browse' button.

Document options

1. Each file is a document

A document will be created for each file in the upload.

2. Each page is a document

A document will be created for each page in the upload.

3. All files are one document

All files will be merged into one document.
Document type and language
You can select the relevant document type and language of the uploaded files in the corresponding dropdown lists. If you do not specify these, the language will be detected automatically, and the document type will be left to specify. The document type and language can be modified later in the document meta data. It is necessary to assign a document type and a language to a document before you can start annotating it.


Manually uploading data is limited to 20 files per batch.
See Uploading datafor more information.

Uploading documents via API

To upload documents via API, use the upload api call as described in the API documentation

Transferring an initial set of documents to Metamaze

If you do not want to integrate the API yet or don't want to make use of the out of the box integration options available in the project settings ( Input ), feel free to send us an export in any common format.
Examples include
  • ZIP file containing PDF's, transferred via Sharepoint, e-mail, SFTP, Blob Storage, ...
  • Individual MSG, EML, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, ... files transferred via SFTP or file share.
  • Exports of mailboxes in PST format.
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