At the top and in the connectors list you can see whether a connector is active or not. In the right pane you can see that the top section lists the folders which have been configured to upload documents in training or production. These can be activated, deactivated and deleted. The bottom section is visible after clicking the "+ Create" button. This allows you to choose a folder which needs to upload documents in training or production.

Clicking the sync table allows you to refresh the list, this is handy for when you created a new folder while configuring the input.

How documents will be added to Metamaze

Sharepoint integration is configured per folder on your Sharepoint environment. Any folder can be linked to either the production pipeline or the training pipeline.

All documents in the configured folders will be automatically processed by Metamaze.

From Sharepoint documents to Metamaze uploads and documents

By default, each document will be exactly one upload with one document.

Depending on your page management settings, the document can be split into mutliple documents.

Note that it can take at most a couple of minutes for documents to arrive in Metamaze.

What happens to the original e-mail?

The original document will not change in any way. The default Metamaze integration is read-only. This means the document will not be moved automatically to a different folder. If you would like different behavior, feel free to open a feature request.


For integrating documents from Sharepoint to Metamaze, there are two options: direct integration or via application-based integration.

Direct integration

To set up the integration between Metamaze and your Sharepoint directly, the process is as follows:

  1. If you are not logged in yet on Sharepoint in your browser, first open an incognito modus and log in with the correct Microsoft account

  2. Click the "Connect" button

  3. You will see a screen asking you to approve the minimal permissions that are needed for Metamaze to process your documents. Note that you will need to have sufficient permissions to grant those permissions.

  4. Grant the permissions to the Metamaze integration.

  5. You will see a confirmation page that tells you the integration was set up correctly.

Application-based integration

Step 1: Access Project Settings

Begin by navigating to the project settings of your project. Locate the "Connect" option and click on it to initiate the Sharepoint integration process.

Step 2: Admin Account Login

Upon clicking, you will likely encounter a screen prompting you to log in with your admin account. Choose "Login as admin account" and provide the necessary credentials to proceed.

Step 3: Grant Permissions

Next, approve the requested permissions to enable a seamless connection between Metamaze and Sharepoint.

Step 4: Successful Connection

Congratulations! You are now connected, granting you the ability to create new Sharepoint integrations within Metamaze.

Step 5: Create an Integration

To begin creating a new integration, click on the "Create" button and proceed to fill in the required fields, including siteId, driveId, and folderId. Need help finding these IDs? Refer to the following link: how to find site id and drive id for graph API - Microsoft Q&A.

For further reference, explore the following Microsoft Graph documentation:

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