❔What is Metamaze?

On a mission to liberate mankind from repetitive document and e-mail processing.

Metamaze is a platform for building semi-automated flows for processing any type of document or e-mail. Metamaze enables companies to automate large parts of repetitive data entry and validation tasks.

By using Metamaze, companies can automate 50 to 98% of the manual work. This leads to

  • improved employee well-being

  • lower labor costs

  • more time for value-adding activities

  • the unlocking of new data and insights

Adapts to your process, and your documents

Adaptive IDP platforms like Metamaze are flexible systems that adapt to your process and learn through fully integrated human feedback. Metamaze is not a rigid off-the-shelf β€˜one-size fits no-one’ solution.

  • You can automate any document type you want, including fully custom document types.

  • You can start from scratch with as little as 10 examples, or start fine-tuning an existing model from our vast library of document types.

  • You can add your own custom fields to new or existing document types. Metamaze supports all types including simple text, line items, complex hierarchical tables, paragraphs, RegEx, and images.

  • You can include external data lookup or validation by using data enrichments.

  • You can customize the pipeline with any custom code.

  • Multilingual by design, with 50+ languages supported.

Best-in-class AI technology

The Metamaze Hydra model heavily usesβ€―pre-trained transformer models. This technology allows the training and processing of both simple, complex, and fully unstructured documents. You can read more about the latest model architecture here.

Whether you wish to process invoices, purchase orders, complex legal agreements, or any custom document type, Metamaze intelligently interprets documents with a near-human level of precision.

Built for humans

Metamaze is designed to be used by any business user and does not require coding or AI skills to configure, release or maintain.

  • Metamaze is an intuitive platform with a validation interface usable by anyone, including non-IT-savvy data entry people.

  • Smart, configurable system to decide when human intervention is required

  • Comes with wheels attached: model training, evaluation, version management, deployment, configuration, input/output, user management, … are all built-in. And all of that without the need for any coding or AI skills.

Built for the enterprise

Metamaze is built ground up to support the needs of large and complex organizations. That means

  • Ability to segregate your data, while still having the benefit of sharing models

  • You can enrich and validate using external data sources like SAP, Dynamics, Salesforce, ...

  • Customize your pipeline by writing any custom code

  • Connect to REST APIs, Outlook 365, Sharepoint, SFTP, UIPath, BluePrism, or by creating your own using the REST API

  • Supports all common file types and document formats

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