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What is Metamaze?

Metamaze enables business leaders to make their organisation more productive by automating the processing of documents, so the human workforce can increase their focus on delivering added value. We do this by using AI to assist humans in processing documents.

Best-in-class AI technology

By using  Transformer deep learning algorithms, Metamaze technology processes both simple documents as well as complex and unstructured documents.
Whether you wish to use Metamaze to process invoices or complex legal agreements, Metamaze intelligently interprets documents with a near-human level of precision.

Enterprise-built, usable by anyone

Being able to process large volumes of documents at a breakneck pace and at a high quality is vital to make business processes more efficient.
While built for enterprises, Metamaze offers advanced features, compliance, ease of use, and general scalability at a cost that enables even small organizations to automate their document workflows.

User-friendly pipeline management

Being able to access the power of Metamaze through a user-friendly interface that is easy-to-use and enables fast interactions is a crucial component for any organization that is looking to deploy a truly cost-saving solution.
Control every aspect of your processing pipeline, manage business rules, set notifications, and report relevant metrics in easy to access dashboards.
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