Document types

Create a document type for each type you aim to recognize in this project. This section provides an overview of all your document types used in your project and allows you to create new, add existing, edit and delete document types.
The table has a number of columns:
  • The name of the document type
  • The number of entities for each document type
You can edit a document type by clicking on the row. This will open the panel on the right side where you can specify how the document type should be recognised. You can chose to use an A.I. model, set a regular expression (this allows you to choose keywords which in case matched, change the document type) or to not automatically recognise the document type.
When defining a Regular Expression document type, keep in mind that Metamaze automatically adds spaces around all punctuation.
You can create a new document type or use an existing one by clicking the "+ Create" button.
Last modified 3mo ago