Release 1.8


"QA tasks" become "tasks"

  • Task types are introduced

  • Type β€˜review’ has the same functionality as QA task

  • A new type β€˜annotation’ is added, to allow for data control in the annotation process

Accelerate your annotations with suggested annotation tasks

  • Similar documents are grouped together

  • Documents are proposed that add the most value i.e. model learns from – MetaMaze Optimal Document Selection Strategy applied

  • Autocorrect allows detection of which documents might be misannotated

Get better training results based on your document type and language

  • choose between text or text and layout when creating a document type

  • choose between training one multi-lingual model or one model per language

Experience enhancements

  • Aggregated entity values are also visible in human validation

  • Tooltips are added to the project overview and action buttons

  • Automatically mark your batch as done in human validation and data annotation

  • Customization of view is added for tables in training and production

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