๐Ÿ“šProject guidelines

For each document type you can specify labeling guidelines for each entity. There are two types of guidelines:

  • General guidelines - You can manage this list yourself. You can add your own items.

  • Entity guidelines for a document type - Here you can define guidelines for each entity per document type.

If you click on the "Add general guideline" button in the list of general guidelines you can create an item.

The editor is opened with your new guideline (at this pint it isn't saved yet!). After you have written your guideline, you can save it by pressing the "Create guideline" button.

It will then be added to the overview. Click on the guideline to view it.

The 'edit guideline' button on the top right allows you to add, edit and delete guidelines.

The guidelines are available in the application while labeling data. You can always click the "View guidelines" button, and view both the general guidelines and the entity-specific ones.

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