Page management

Screen information

The screen for document creation consists of 4 panels:

  1. Upload with the different files

  2. The different files with previews of all the pages for each file

  3. A list of the documents created by the document creation AI model or by the user

  4. A panel with the selected 'preview' page.

Evaluating document creation

To evaluate the documents created by the page management and document classification model, verify in panel 3 whether the pages belong to the correct document and whether the document received the correct document type. A number of actions may be required:

  • Delete one or more pages from a document

  • Move one or more pages to another existing document

  • Move one or more pages to a new document

  • Change the document type

Clicking on a page will preview the document or file the page belongs to in panel 4. That can be the original file (panel 2) or any document you or the AI model created (panel 3).

In order to perform an action on one or more pages, click on them to select them. The selected pages will be highlighted.

Once a page has been used in a document, a check mark appears next to the number on the page in panel 2, making it easier to keep track of which pages you still need to assign!

Deleting page(s) from a document

You can delete an individual page with the red bin that appears when hovering over a page. You can also drag the page back to the second panel.

If you delete all pages of a document, but don't delete the document itself you won't be able to save your changes.

Move page(s) to another existing document

You can move one or more pages to another document by drag and dropping the files into the new document.

Move page(s) to a new document

You can move one or more pages to a new document by dropping the pages on the "+ Add document" dropzone. Choose a document name, type and language.

Undo page(s) selection

If you have selected multiple pages, you can undo the selection by clicking the page(s) you don't need.

Finishing evaluation

At the top you have a number of actions to end your evaluation:

  • Back - You can use this button to put the document back in the queue if, for example, you are not sure how to handle this document.

  • Save the document(s) | Done - You will use this button when you have finished document creation. The document will then be sent to the next step 'entity extraction' to extract the information from it.

  • Reject - This button is used if there is a problem with the document. Besides some standard errors like 'bad OCR' or 'irrelevant document' you can define your errors in the project settings, see Custom errors.

  • Upload done - This option will allow you to mark the complete batch as done if available.

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