Version history

What's new in 2.0

Document type is added as a new level which allows users to manage, besides specific projects, also custom document types that can be shared among multiple projects and/or organizations.

  • Document types are added to the overview page

  • Besides creating a new document type, it is also possible to add an existing document type to a project

  • For an existing document type, the user can choose per project which entities to reuse and/or new entities to add

  • Document type settings are introduced where organizations can be managed/added who have access to the doctype

Other improvements that are part of this release:

  • The steps to create a project are simplified

  • Name of logged in user and organisation are added to the navigation bar

  • The number of documents in human validation and accuracy are added to the overview page

  • OCR speed has been increased by a factor 2x

  • New pipeline for training incremental models

  • Various performance improvements, security improvements and bug fixes

What's new in 1.9

  • Analytics module is updated

    • Key metrics (%STP, time saved and number of pages processed) are added

    • Selection of a predefined timespan is possible

    • Details of status(es) are shown per doctype(s)

    • Graphs are made more precise with indication of amount

    • Last snapshot is added

  • Enrichments are added to Metamaze

    • New step in the pipeline after entity extraction and before business rules

    • Set-up in project settings

    • Name an enrichment and make it part of a composite

    • Webhook results can be retrieved and added to human validation

  • The user can enable the automatic deletion of production data after 180 days

  • Metamaze is able to process e-mails and its attachments

What's new in 1.8

  • QA task module is renamed to task module

    • task types are introduced

    • type 'review' has the same functionality as before the QA task

    • new type 'annotation' is added, to allow for data control in the annotation process

  • Suggested annotations tasks are created by MetaMaze to accelerate annotations

    • Similar documents are grouped together

    • Documents are proposed that add the most value i.e. model learns from - MetaMaze Optimal Document Selection Strategy applied

    • Autocorrect allows to detect which documents might be misannotated

  • Aggregated entity values are also visible in human validation

  • Tooltips are added to project overview and action buttons

  • Automatically mark your batch as done in human validation and data annotation

  • Customization of view is added for tables in training and production

  • Get better training results based on your document type and language

    • choose between text or text and layout when creating or editing a document type and retrieve your choice in the document types section of project settings

    • choose between training one multi-lingual model or one model per language

What's new in 1.7

  • Retraining your model is made more efficient and controlled

    • it's possible to send multiple relevant documents from production to training

    • automatically documents in human validation are taken into account

    • MetaMaze suggests to users QA tasks

    • performance of suggested tasks is tracked and shown

  • Design of navigation bar is updated

    • regrouping of modules

    • text of modules is always shown (instead of icons)

    • user can decide to open or close

  • Improvement of QA task module

    • buttons to mark as done and failed are added

    • parking a document is added

    • missing labels and added or deleted labels (in human validation) are shown

    • date filter is added

    • design is updated

  • Parking a document in human validation is added

    • when a user is uncertain about the handling of a specifc document in human validation it is possible to park it and add a reason for parking

    • filter on parked documents is added

  • Filters are (automatically) saved in human validation

    • if no results are found for your filter a message will be shown

    • MetaMaze indicates whether a filter is (still) active

  • Removing spaces and validation regex options are added to project settings

  • MetaMaze is able to filter white pages out (page management)

  • MetaMaze indicates which pages are not used (page management)