Processing documents
When your models are trained and deployed or you start without models but with the help of human validation, you are ready to process documents. This chapter covers the following topics:
  • Input of files - Here you can upload files into the system for automatic processing.
  • Overview of uploads - Here you can get an overview of all handled uploads and search for certain uploads.
  • Detail view pipeline - Here you can view and analyze the result of each step of the process.
  • Detail view input - Here you can view the input from your system to Metamaze.
  • Detail view page management - Here you can view and analyze the result of the page management model.
  • Detail view output - How to view Metamaze's output to your system.
  • Detail view document - How to view and analyze the result of the entity extraction step with or without manual intervention.
You can navigate to the 'production data’ module by clicking on either Uploads either Document below the 'production' menu item in the navigation bar. This module is only available at project level.
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