Uploading Training Data

Manually uploading files

Users with the role Manager or up can manually upload files into the application by using the Upload button under Training > Uploads.
Then a new window will appear where you can add the relevant documents. This can be done by dragging the files onto the screen or by searching for the files via the explorer screen using the 'Choose files to upload' button.
If each file corresponds to just one document, you can check the option "each file is a document" so that the document creation step (page management) does not have to be performed and your documents are ready immediately. You then only need to set the document type in the meta data part of that document.
If all files need to be merged into one document you can check the option "merge all files into one document".
Manually uploading data is limited to 50 files per batch.

Uploading documents via API

To upload documents via API, use the upload api call as described in the API documentation

Transferring an initial set of documents to Metamaze

If you do not want to integrate the API yet, feel free to send us an export in any common format.
Examples include
    ZIP file containing PDF's, transferred via Sharepoint, e-mail, SFTP, Blob Storage, ...
    Individual MSG, EML, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, ... files transferred via SFTP or file share.
    Exports of mailboxes in PST format.
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