Frequently Asked Questions

Which documents are taken into account for training?

All training documents in status done are taken into account for training. In case you have sent documents from production to training they will be taken into account as well after you have validated them. You can do this by going to the taskmodule and creating a suggested task in the production data section. Validating documents here will transfer the status from to verify to done. In case you're interested in specific documents in to verifystatus you can filter on these while creating a custom task.
More details:

How to use custom shortcuts?

In your Profile Settings you can set up custom shortcuts which help you while annotating documents. These shortcuts are interesting if you want to open a specific label with your keyboard instead of your mouse. After using a specific key combination, you select the needed information in the document. This can be used in the data annotation queue or training documents section.

When do we use which entity type?

While setting up your project in Project Settings you might run into doubts about which entity type to use.
Main differentiator will be whether your information is an image or a text. In case of text we give you following guidance. The regular type will be sufficient in all cases besides date or digit. With a date you choose date. If the information you would like to extract is a digit, you can choose between number and currency:
  • Number allows you to choose a decimal or thousand seperator, choose this type if it's important to have a parsing rule that puts the information extracted in a specific decimal and/or thousand seperator format
  • Currency doesn't allow for a choice of separator since this type should be chosen when an amount of money needs to be extracted. Here we have implemented additional logic.

What if a document was already labelled by someone?

Good news, you are done with annotating! You can update annotations done by someone else by copying his/her labels and making the changes needed. More details can be found in Training data management.

How does parsing work?

Parsing is done after you annotated the information you need. In case you change something in the parsing rules of your project settings it will be applied when a new annotation is done. Parsing is not taken into account for training.

Can I check the annotations done by a colleague?

Yes, you can do so by creating a 'custom task' and setting up the filter 'annotated by users'. You can select the colleague in the list. If you are looking for specific documents, you can also set up additional filters such as date for instance.
More details about creating a task can be found in Quality control of training data.

When do we need to do what?

Steps to follow to make progress in your project are listed below Overview of Project Steps.

What browsers do you support?

We support Chromium based browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, ...), Firefox and Safari.